So... what is coaching?

​There are about as many definitions of coaching as there are coaches. Coaches don't
have "all the answers" or tell you what to do (that's Consulting). My job is to help you
figure out your own answers. ​My concept of coaching is that I am your Partner, Collaborator, and Facilitator in exploring and determining what your next steps are,
and how you'll take them.

Which means... that my entire agenda is to help you reach your goals- whatever those happen to be. Where else do you EVER find that in life? Even our friends and family have their own agendas when it comes to “our best interests” (they can't help themselves!)
​As a coach, here's what I do:

• Deeply listen to what you are (and are not) telling me

• Look at the big picture, identify your challenges, goals, and the missing pieces

​• Help you prioritize it all (day-to-day and big picture)

​• Brainstorm, offer solutions, ideas, and feedback.

• Help you decide which is your best Next Step in progressing to your goals

• Create an action plan that is practical, reasonable and relieves some stress

​It’s just so easy to get overwhelmed by the hundreds of to-do’s we all have! I help you
figure out what's NOT working and come up with a plan (that you actually look forward to)
that WILL work. Wouldn't it be nice to breathe a sigh of relief ​and get re-centered again?

What are coaching appointments like?

It’s a conversation (usually around 45 minutes) of talking about whatever challenge is the biggest priority for you. In our 30 minute Consultation Appointment, I'll explain some of

the effective philosophies of coaching and give some examples. Then I'll ask you a lot of questions about what you've done in the past, what you're doing now, and what your goals are for the future. I'll give you some feedback and suggestions and ideas, all meant for you to have a new starting point. By the end of our time, you will probably have good idea if you think Coaching with me would be a valuable, beneficial choice for you and your business.

If so, we'll set our next appointment and I'll email you the Business Practices Agreement which you'll need to read, sign and return at our next appointment.
At the next appointment, we'll pick up where we left off but get very specific about what steps you'll be taking to get closer to your goals. By the end of our meeting you will have 2 to 3 "to-do's" and then you'll get started on taking steps to make them happen!

Clients commit to 10 Coaching Appointments to be used over a six month period. We typically meet weekly for at least the first 4 to 6 weeks. This is a good way to jump in and use momentum to get things going and establish habits. Some people who work best with weekly accountability continue a weekly schedule. Other clients drop down to every other week as they move into maintence phase.
How often we meet is up to you. Coaching can then switch to an "as needed" basis.

I Coach in person (locally) by ​phone
​or over Skype

What do my clients have in common?

Typically my coaching clients are smart, successful, competent, positive, self reliant Women who either own a Small Business or are Business Professionals. They like to do things well but are always seeking to improve. They are open to trying new ideas and ways of doing things to get the results that they want. Often, they are ready to make changes but need some help with the "how" or "where to start". They are clear on their values and what is important to them.

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