About ReBecca



​            I REALLY get that as a Woman and Business Owner that you have to
           wear SO MANY different hats...  

           You're THE BOSS, the Face of the Business, The Marketing Manager, the

           Customer Service Rep, the Complaints Supervisor, the Orderer, Head of 

           Accounting, Human Resources and of course... the Janitor (notice how 

           nobody ever volunteers for that position?!) 


           But here's the thing.... no one can do it ALL or eventually something will slip

           through the cracks, right? We all need effective plans for how to manage it all-

           the day-to-day activities as well as the random changes that suddenly happen

           in life and business. 

           That's where I come in! Together we'll look at the big picture, determine

           where you want to start, what you're ready to changeand come up with

           a plan to make it happen that you'll be excited about. Coaching is an 

           invaluable investment in your self and your business that will take both to

           a whole other level.  


              Hi, I'm ReBecca Shotton, "Head Honcho" of Small Business Specialties. 

           I'm a Business Coach who helps Successful Business Women like you 

           customize Strategies that will Lower your Stress and Increase your 

           Efficiency. Sound pretty good?


           Common areas that I help other Women Entrepreneurs with:

              • Efficiency - Developing your "Delegation Muscles" and cutting out the fluff.  

               Time Management - Prioritizing, scheduling, and fitting everything in!  

              • Organization - Of your Office, Systems, and paperwork.       

              • Enhancing Marketing Strategies -  What is/isn't working, and what to try next.  

              • Ideal Clients - Describe, find, connect with them, and solve their problems. 

              • Natural Business Partners - Identifying, connecting, and working together.  

              • Stress Management/Balance - In work and home life.  


          In addition to SO MANY of the other challenges that most Business Owners face!   


           And HOW do I do this? I have a unique style of Coaching that is a mix of 

           Common Sense and Intuition. My goal is to help you design practical, effective

           strategies that also feel right. Read more about MY version of Coaching HERE.


​          So what's my Experience?    

           About a decade ago, while becoming Certified as a Professional Life Coach (CPC) 

           I realized that not only did it come naturally to me, but that it was a Passion! I 

           believe that it's my avocation andLOVE IT! (Just ask me- you won't be able to

           shut me up!) 

           I also teach Business Community Education Classes at Skagit Valley College that focus

           on Marketing and Social Media (See Class Descriptions). I also offer group and 1:1 

           coaching, training, and facilitation. Want to know even more of my background? Here's

           even MORE... or, you can check out my Linked-In profile if you'd like. 

     If you know you're ready to make some changes and have your very own 

          "silent business partner" by your side who will help you brainstorm, problem

           solve, plan, cheer you on, and yes... help hold you accountable  so that you can

           take your next steps with confidence, then it's time for you to call (or email) me

           to set up your FREE 30 minute Consultation Appointment!  Let's get started!  

                          ~ ReBecca  






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